Classic Car Insurance in Florida

What is Florida Classic Cars Insurance?

Classic Cars Insurance is a type of car insurance in Florida that provides coverage for classic cars.

This type of insurance is designed to cover the cost of damage to the vehicle and its contents. It also covers the cost of repairs, loss or theft, and other types of injuries caused by natural disasters or accidents.

The policyholder can choose from three different coverage options:

  • Collision Coverage: This covers the cost of repairing or replacing your car if it’s damaged in a collision with another object.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers losses from any cause other than a collision including theft, vandalism, fire, storm, or flooding.
  • Liability Coverage: Protects you from lawsuits if you’re at fault in an accident that causes injury or property damage to someone else.
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What are the Benefits of Buying a Classic Car in Florida?

A classic car is a vehicle that is at least 25 years old.

Classic cars are often expensive, but the benefits of buying a vintage automobile outweigh the costs.

The benefits of buying a classic car include the following:

  • High resale value
  • Fun to drive
  • Unique look and feel
  • Engaging hobby

Insurance Fact

Classic vehicles are a hot commodity for collectors because of their rarity. While these unique antique automobiles are a great addition to any collection, they are usually more expensive to insure.

Why Do Classic Cars Have Cheaper Insurance Rates?

All of the safekeeping that car collectors do pays off when it comes to car insurance. Car insurance companies look at the fact that classic car owners tend to take care of their cars and not drive them as frequently. These cars are viewed as more of a collector’s piece that is kept safe and maintained and rarely driven, which means fewer claims. These classic cars are also slower on average, which brings down the prices even further. Classic car insurance is a cheaper option than standard auto insurance and provides coverage for your collectible classic cars.

How Often Should a Classic Car Be Driven?

Insurance Direct suggests driving your classic collectible car at least once a month to keep it preserved. By driving your vehicle once a month, you are making sure components stay fresh and don’t dry out which can cause a leak. Be sure to take your classic car out for a spin to keep it fresh.

How to Get the Best Rates for Your Classic Car Insurance in Florida?

You need to go through a few steps to get the best rates for your classic car insurance. First, you need to know if your car is classified as a classic or not. If it is not classified as a classic, then there is no point in getting the best rates for it. Second, you will have to figure out what kind of coverage you want for your car. Third, and finally, you should research how much coverage will cost and compare auto insurance rates from different companies.
You can use this article as a guide in figuring out how to get the best rates for your classic car insurance.

Average Cost Per Year State Minimum Car Insurance Basic Full Car Insurance Full Car Insurance
Florida $835 $1,620 $1,920
Texas $718 $1,565 $1,842
Tennessee $539 $1,354 $1,583

Why You Should Consider Buying a Classic Car and Getting the Best Rates on Your Insurance

Classic cars are often considered to be a symbol of the past and a symbol of wealth. However, these vehicles are also very expensive to maintain. If you love classic cars and are passionate about collecting these pieces of history then consider classic car insurance. That is why you should consider buying one of these classics and getting the best rates on your insurance.

At Insurance Direct, we offer discounts for antique or classic cars that are driven at very low mileage.

This article will provide you with some information on how you can get the best rates on your insurance and why you should consider buying a classic car. Get an auto insurance quote today for your collectible classic vehicle.

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